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Tailor Brands - Design Made Easy

Branding Tools Designed for Your Business

Your logo and branded images are a huge part of how the world relates to your product. Bedford Street Marketing highly recommends Tailor Brands, as your branding toolbox, logo creator, social media marketing and graphic design - that you are in complete control of !!!

From Tailor Brands to create your business logo, Tailor Social to automate and manage your social media posts & Tailor Ads to create digital ads in minutes - the tool is easy, intuitive and worth checking out. 

We've used it to create our logo and branded materials, like Letterhead, business cards and promotional material. Additionally, we've seen the amazing ease which you can set-up a week worth of posts to FB, IG and Twitter - giving us time to focus in on other projects!!!!

Check out the videos below and go visit Tailor Brands - you'll be happy you did!!! 

Get your Branding Toolbox & Logo Creator Today

Click the link below to see how Tailor Brands can make your next design project or logo creation easy and affordable. 

Branding ToolBox

Check out this great video: social media marketing, graphic design, logo creator

Social Media Managment

Check out this great video.... social media marketing, graphic design, logo creator