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Alternative Media Channel

Harness the Power of Insert and On-Page Advertising

Every business owner wants to reach prospects and customers who are near their locations.  Insert and on-page advertising, along with other altenative media channels gives you the ability to: 

  • Reach up to 78MM households weekly and 115MM bi-weekly.
  • Target desirable Geographic zones, not just by Zip code.
  • Positive Brand reinforcement by being paired with charitable ads and offers.
  • Choose where your ad will be seen - front page, back page, inside page or a combination of these choices.
  • 83% of consumers look at the advertisements weekly.

Here are few highlights of what is available:

  • Package Inserts: High rate of awareness since package contains purchased item and is guaranteed to be opened. Reach known buyers, who have just made a purchase.
  • FSI (Free Standing Inserts): Put a coupon in the Sunday Paper. It's a cooperative, full-color, multi-page flyer offering local, regional and national advertising. 
  • DAL (Detached Address Label) Postcards: Target Consumers at the Zip or sub-zip code level. Get Stand alone placement in mailbox - addressing prospects by name. The data driven option also offers the benefit of getting the much lower postage rate providers of mass media receive!!! 

Other programs include Statement Inserts, Blow-in/Bind-on Coupons, Take Ones and offer relevant Magazine page advertising.

Bedford  Street Marketing can get you into these programs at lower than rate card pricing and optimal ad placement.  It's a great channel for businesses of all sizes to engage customers at the local level.

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