Direct Mail Services

Maximize Your Reach with Direct Mail

Let's start with a few facts about the Direct Mail Channel:

  • More than 150MM Direct Mail Promotions are sent out each year
  • 42% of consumers read or scanned a direct mail piece they received
  • More than 2.5 Billion DM Coupons are redeemed annually
  • 51% of Consumers WANT to receive mail from brands that interest them
  • 56% of Consumers find Direct Mail more trust worthy than digital or email campaigns
  • DM sees an average ROI of 18 to 20%
  • 61% of DM respondents made a purchase in 3 months or less
  • 56% of DM recipients visited brand online or went to store location
  • 70% of Consumers prefer DM including 30% of Millennial's.

Does your marketing strategy take advantage of this highly responsive channel? 

Bedford Steet Marketing can handle Direct Mail Management from soup to nuts. 

Let us manage your next direct mail campaign from creating the mail piece to back-end analytics. 

Or, let us know what part of the direct  mail process you need us to manage.:

  • Working with your design team to maximize the effectiveness of the mail piece and testing strategy.
  • Finding the perfect prospect list(s) universes for the mailing.
  • Getting you the best rates on printing and postage
  • Maximizing the effectiveness of the merge/purge process.
  • In-depth analysis of direct mail resul

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