AMP Smart Home Security & Automation

Sleek, Smart and Amazing

We recently affiliated with Amp Smart Home Security . It's a product that once you've tried it and visited their site - you'll see why!!! 

If you click on the AMP logo, it will take you to  Enter Promo Code StreetBedford and get amazing pricing on a system today!!!

Home Security solutions for large homes to condos. Choose from packages that include doorbell cameras, motion detectors, window and door sensors, wireless security cameras - all controlled from your smart phone and the AMP Smart Panel.

Home Automation that allows you to control the thermostat, lights, alarm system and more!!!

Check out the videos below for more information.

AMP Smart, home security

AMP Smart, home security

AMP Smart Reveal

Check out this great video - Home Security with wireless Security cameras and easy to use alarm system.

Amp Smart: LTE

Check out this great video - Home Security System with wireless security cameras and mobile friendly alarm system.